For business owners, I serve as a consultant to get you started, get you to the next level, or get you out.  

     "If I hadn't gone through Kristine's program, I would still be stuck where I was 6 months ago.  ~ Small Business Owner


Executive Director / Assistant...

For those Associations/Committees/Boards/CEO's needing a Part Time Administrator of all things financial, meeting/conference/event planning, publications, communications, website & social media management.  Tailored to your needs.

"Kristine is well organized with excellent rapport.  She is an excellent communicator and thinks outside the box.  I can count on Kristine getting things done on a timely basis and assist me with my role or duties.  

" Since her involvement... I've only seen positive improvements. 



Meeting Facilitation and Strategic Planning for Corporate Boards and Associations; Encompasses group management, establishing purpose, agenda, location, food, relevant team building activities, guided discussion, evaluation and feedback with an emphasis on focus, strategy, engagement, alignment and ROI results.

 "This is a blessing. ~ Non Profit Board President         "Best planning session ever! ~ Corp. CFO